CHUCK BOX Toting your kitchen

Ever since covered wagons the Chuck Box has been a common term.  Before that, I am sure migrating people had a means to transport some of their precious spice items that were not easily obtained foraging natures surrounding supplies.

If you have camped many years you have probably changed out your own method of carrying your own staples.  Having your items with you, rather than being dependent on an inconvenient source to purchase (forage) your own items while camping.

My current method is below.  We hope people viewing our blog take the time to forward us photos of your own “tried and true” method. We want to add them to this article. So tell us a little about yours and about yourself.  Ours does not have the “coolness ” factor of a handcrafted wood Chuck Box, but ours is highly functional.  The boxes have been along on multi-day canoe trips, Dutch Oven Cooking events, and regular campground camping.  We have ours loaded so we are not wanting of anything.

We use 2 Stanley Fat Max plastic tool boxes.  They have a rubber seal, and latches.  We leave them on the picnic table at all times (unless in bear country) and have never had the critters get in them.  They also sit out getting rained on at times.  When we return home the used items are replenished and kept inside so they are always ready to go for the next trip.  Dry Ingredients such as flour, pancake mix, etc is rotated when we replenish.  We dump the unused portion out on foil. Refill the used portion from new supply in the house, then dump the older ingredient now on the foil, back in on top to fill our camp container.

The cooking ingredient box has individual screw lid containers that contain flour, sugar, coffee, etc arranged in the bottom. Cheap containers found at your local dollar store.  The tool tray sits on top of those and contains all the spices.  The larger containers in the bottom have all their lids labeled with what is inside.

The utensil box holds all of our cooking tools. Knives, Sifters, Mini Cutting Board, Mixing Bowls, Whisks, Serving Spoons.

Here is a list of items in my two boxes.  I cook with large groups and can cook or bake anything with what I carry.  Adjust your items to suit your needs.

Spice/Flour Box

(2) Containers of Flour



Brown Sugar

Vanilla Coffee Powder

Buttermilk powder



(8) 1/4 Cup containers of Crisco

Spray oil



Cilantro Flakes

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Italian Seasoning


Corn Starch

Baking Soda

Baking Powder



Ginger ground/powder

Nutmeg ground/powder

Clove ground/powder

Burger Seasoning

Chili Powder

Cumin Powder

Vanilla Extract


Dry Milk

Cayenne Pepper

Bay Leaves

Vegetable Oil

Dry Yeast

Recipes on index cards in a small plastic zip lock bag

Utensil Box

Mixing Bowl

Cutting Boards

Hand Mixer


Serving Spoons

Several sets of Knife, Spoon, Fork

Oval Metal Plate

Butcher knife

Bread knife

Paring knife

Can opener

Wine/Bottle Opener

Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons



Pot holders


Wooden Spoons


Biscuit cutters

Rubber Batter Scrapers

Butane Lighter Sticks

Spare Lantern Mantels

Aluminum Foil

Plastic Wrap




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