The name TOPONAUTIC is derived from TOPOgraphical, and NAUTICal.  Representing the land, earth & tree’s, as well as the water, lakes, rivers, oceans.

In our Logo: 

TOPO and the Green Triangle represents a Mountain or Land, our love of climbing, hiking, cycling, and backpacking the terrain. The woods, desert, and shorelines.

NAUTIC and the Blue Triangle represents a Lake or Water, encompassing our passion for water related adventures such as canoeing, kayaking, and yakpacking. (Yakpacking is Kayak Camping)

We are www.TOPONAUTIC.com. Passing on info, news and adventures. Sharing our outdoor cooking recipes, DIY project and much more. Send us your Outdoor Photography, written articles, recipes, etc.

We offer a place for readers to get their Outdoor related events posted at no cost. We have a variety of like minded social media contacts that welcome your event schedules, news, photos, and recipes.

We are not trying to Spam anyone. Nor selling anything wholesale or retail. Our venture is simply a love of subject at this point. We attempt to provide free content to readers.

If you are interested in a more in depth look at “About Us” and some of the trips we organize for a select group.  Follow this link “More About Us”