RECIPE Chocolate Dipping Sauce


A simple great way to dip and decorate Pretzels, Oreo Cookies, Graham Crackers, Animal Cookies, and many other snacks. Commonly used to create Holiday decorative goodies. This sauce sets up when cooled to add a decorative touch.
Servings 20 Dips


  • 8 oz Chocolate Chips Chocolate, White, Etc
  • 2 Tbsp Crisco Shortening


  • For every 8 oz of Chips (Chocolate, White, Etc) add 2 Tbsp. of Crisco Shortening. In the microwave or double boiler heat and stir until silky smooth.
  • Dip your items in the melted chocolate and lay out on waxed paper. You can speed this up by using chilled cookie sheets.
  • Dipping a second time after the first dip has cooled, will create a thicker layer of chocolate. Either way, before chocolate has hardened, you can drizzle with sprinkles, or colored sugar.


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