Sink in a Barrel – DIY Project

We extend a big Thank You to Lyle Guidry for sharing this DIY Project and photos appearing here.

A Galvanized Feed Pan from Tractor Supply was used for the sink.  Also look at a similar pan at auto parts stores, Walmart, and others.  Look in the auto section.  They are used for changing oil.

The Pan has to have a hole cut in the center to fit the drain basket assembly.   A hole saw works well. And make sure to use some plumber’s putty to seal the basket to the pan.

Cut a hole in barrel end with a sabre/jig/keyhole saw for pan to fit.

Any type of faucet would work. The type depends on budget and water source.  If you have access to Hot and Cold that is one option.  A single if maybe attaching to a garden hose?  A hand pump to suction out of a tank?  You might go as far as adding a 12V battery and 12V RV water pump for pressurized water?  Connection parts will depend on your choice.  Drill holes in barrel for your faucet and mount your faucet .

Plumb your drain to how ever you plan to drain.  This could be a hose that drops into a bucket hidden in the barrel?  Do you have a clean-out pipe on your exterior wall that is conveniently located?  You may be able to screw out the plug.  Screw in an adapter and create a drain to this location.  If so be sure to incorporate a trap at location to keep sewer fumes from coming up your sink drain.

Plumb faucet to water source.

Cut out and create a hinged access door depending on the size you need.

I put a coat of marine grade polyurethane on barrel for protection


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