Identifying BRIDGE BEACH & CO Cast Iron

Identifying BRIDGE BEACH & CO Cast Iron

This is a foundry/company I had never heard of until recently.  It caught my attention since my last name is Beach.  We did some genealogy on John H Beach and believe there may be some family connection.  We hope anyone that reads our info will send us more info.  Anything you know or have that we do not show here.  Newspaper clippings, documents, etc.  Especially on the man, but also on this company in general.

1838 to ?

Foundry in St Louis, Missouri  – (Some records have it at 43 North Main and 120 North Main st

Old directories indicate clerks at 43 N Main.  Perhaps that was offices and the foundry was at 120 N Main?

Here is an article that has some interesting information StoveHistory.Blogspot

It is an excellent article with references to facts all documented.

Bridge Beach & Co cast Waffle Irons and Muffin pans.

Superior Cook Stoves 1800’s?

Superior Stoves & Ranges

Parlor stoves: Superior Circulator No. 338 circa 1925

Superior No 240 Parlor Stove

JEFF 4750  Model #7 Pearl Cast Iron Parlor Stove circa 1869

Indio No 16 Parlor Stove

Other Stoves

Wood/Gas Combo with top broiler and second gas Oven.  No 888

Cast Iron Fireplace  Bridger Beach No. 2

The Founder of the Company was Hudson Erastus Bridge (b.1810 d.1875) opened his foundry around 1838 in St Louis at the age of 28 or 29.  The foundry at that time was called Empire Stove works.  Not an inventor he used others patterns and patents.

1842 the name of the Company changed to Bridge and Brother after his brother Harrison became part owner.

1850 Harrison Bridge dies.

1857 John H. Beach became an associate and the name was changed to Bridge, Beach & Company.

1860 John H Beach was listed in the 1860 St Louis Directory:Beach John H(Bridge, Beach & Co) r.221 Chestnut

1860 Hudson E Bridge was listed in the 1860 St Louis Directory:Bridge Hudson E (Bridge, Beach & Co)r 32n, 8th.

1872 John H Beach retires

1875 Hudson E Bridge dies

1875-1876 Eliot Bridge becomes influential and then made president of the company.

1879 The name changed once again from “Bridge, Beach & Company” to “Bridge & Beach Manufacturing Company”.

1887 Sketch Drawing of Bridge & Beach Manufacturing Company after a large expansion, exists in archived records.

1888 Several Patents appear for Bridge and Beach Manufacturing

Please send us info on history and photos of items you have found bearing this foundry name.  Email us your photos and info directly at

Finding old parts (Antique Navigator)

History on Hudson Erastus Bridge (Source: StoveHistory Blog) 

Mill Creek Antiques

Photos of this beautiful stove are Courtesy of : Eric Lindholm – Newbury Park, California  USA

He notes this is a Model 888

Bridge, Beach & Co. No 240 Superior Parlor Stove – Images Courtesy of Butch Rogers  Labadie, Missouri

“I bought this from an old Labadie resident who bought and resold old stoves.  I don’t know where he acquired the stove.  I have had it for 18 years”

Bridge & Beach Co Cook Stove circa sometime 1879 or newer based on Thermostat Company name

Images courtesy: Victoria Young

STOVE Images courtesy of Dick Weaver – Cupertino, CA.   USA

Bridge Beach & Co Waffle Iron Images below are courtesy of Kevin Brashears

Patent date: April 17, 1877

We believe this Waffle Iron is US Patent 189753 April 17, 1877 that was issued to J.T. Lambert

Original Patent assignee :The Detroit Iron and Brass Manufacturing Company

Bridge Beach & Co  Waffle Iron – Reconditioned       Image courtesy of Kevin Brashears
Bridge Beach & Co  Waffle Iron – Multi Image courtesy of Kevin Brashears

The following piece of Cast Iron and images are Courtesy of Tyler Higgins

This is a #7 Bridge Beach & Co Waffle Iron


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