LIVE OAK Cast Iron Stove

We have a reader request to help provide information about this LIVE OAK cast iron stove.

Can anyone provide any type of information as to era, foundry, etc.?

Submitted notes/comments:
Appears to be a No. 12

Similar to Gem Oak No.11 (Bridge Beach & Co, St Louis, Missouri USA)

Era could be 1900-1910

Looks like some top parts are missing?

Other versions with Gem Oak such as No. 210 were produced by Detroit Stove Works

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The below piece of Cast Iron has not been positively identified by anyone.  If you have knowledge of what is shown here, please email us with any info.  We are looking for things like the foundry or manufacturer, Year or Circa manufactured, current value, etc.

We will in turn contact the person that submitted the photo(s).  Thank You so much!  Email to:


Posted 12/27/2017 to be identified – Don Hopkins

Gate Marked, Continuous Heat Ring, #9, Distinct Handle, U4 stamp or mark


Its Nearly Time – Cathedral Gorge Dutch Oven Cookoff

Final preparations are going on for me today.  Loading the trailer and taking inventory of camping gear and cooking utensils.  We are cooking in competition associated with out sister website and the facebook group Las Vegas Dutch Oven Enthusiasts

This coming weekend is the annual Cathedral Gorge Dutch Oven Cookoff (Saturday September 16th, 2017).  Sponsored by the Nevada State Park and surrounding businesses.  The weather is looking to be near perfect.

This cookoff is a big deal.  At least for the competitions we normally attend.  There are normally around 50 cooks, and some of those preparing multiple recipes.  We have seen crowds of people (250+) showing up to taste, vote on their favorite, and just plain enjoy the day.

If you are in the area, be sure to come out and support the event.  Enjoy the food, enter the raffle, and enjoy the beautiful Nevada State Park.

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DUTCH OVEN COMPETITION Cathedral Gorge Panaca, Nevada

It’s nearly that time of year again.  Camping and Dutch Oven Cooking Competition at Cathedral Gorge State Park near Panaca, Nevada.

Link to the official State Park information

Actual competition cooking is on Saturday September 16, 2017

A group of us camper/Dutch Oven cooks have been attending this event for years.  The rangers at this State Park make this the best we have ever competed in.  Aside from the awesome prizes they solicit from supporting businesses, they just make this plain fun.

Be prepared to arrive early and to stay until after dark.  The whole day can be taken up hiking early in the morning, then wandering around watching the cooks prepare the food that is judged and served to the public in the evening.

Many of us start arriving Thursday and Friday to also spend a few days camping.  Sites are first come first served.  Though the rangers have always made room for everyone even if it means “dry camping” off the edge of the pavement near the picnic area.

This time of year expect warm days and cool nights.  The Milky-way will blanket you in the sky above.  The coyote’s will sing you to sleep at night.

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Las Vegas in the middle of summer is easily hitting 110°F daytime temperatures.  For some that is not conducive for enjoying a hot bowl of Chili.  Many reserve that cuisine for chilling winter days.

Not me.  I enjoy Chili year round.  Chili isn’t at it’s best unless you have cornbread, as a side to accompany it.

On a hot day outside I often drag out the crock-pot to make a batch without heating up the kitchen.  While I am a cast iron connoisseur, I am certainly not firing up some charcoal and Dutch Oven cooking when it is a scorching +110°F outside either.  Thinking about getting the kitchen oven up to 425°F for a batch of cornbread doesn’t sound too appealing either.  The heats the whole house up.

This is where vintage Cast Iron meets the modern Counter-top Convection Oven.  The combination works well together and doesn’t kick my air conditioner on more than normal.

Now I am sitting back enjoying a bowl of Chili.  Dipping my hot buttered corn sticks in some maple syrup.  What a killer combination.  Both in the cooking technique, as well as the food paring.

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I find leftover pizza is sometimes better than fresh baked.  As with many tomato and herb based foods.  Aging seems to increase the flavor.  Especially if it is homemade.

How many of you enjoy cold left over pizza for breakfast?  I certainly do.  How about the re-heated version?

My favorite technique for re-heating leftovers is to use a cast iron skillet.  You can’t be in a hurry.  If you are in a big rush just throw it in the microwave.  If you really want something better than just baked, try using cast iron.

I put my cast iron on a burner set at its lowest setting.  I always use gas stoves.  If you cook with electric you may have to experiment.  As soon as the Cast Iron is warm to the touch (a minute or two) I wipe it with a very thin layer of Crisco vegetable shortening.  I place the pizza on the Cast Iron and cover it with a lid or tent of aluminum foil.

I kept the heat as low as possible and allow the pizza to warm slowly until the top cheese is warm and melted.  Serve at this point.  You will be rewarded with a delightfully crispy bottom crust, and aged sauce that has brought out even more flavor.

My favorite for pizza re-heating is my square vintage BSR (Birmingham Stove & Range) Breakfast Griddle.

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Both these pieces of Cast Iron where recently picked up at an Estate Sale.  I considered them priced at a premium, nearly retail.  But when they come in the condition these were in, I am willing to pay a little higher.  All the picker, antique, and flea market shows, have made these items really popular.  Look on eBay at some of the prices.  Some of us that have been collecting for years think people are out of their minds.

Both of these are nothing special or vintage.  Common and easily found.  The 10 1/4 inch round skillet (Wagner’s 1891 Original  Series) is often found at garage sales or flea markets in the $5 to $10 range.  Expect double that at an Estate Sale.  No they are not from 1891.  This series of cast iron cookware was produced at the General Housewares’ Wagner foundry from 1991 until 1999… until the foundry closed in 1999.

I like the square LODGE Skillet Griddle.  Both of these pieces will be seasoned several times and then put in my kitchen for everyday use.  I intend to use Crisbee’s Seasoning product that I tested for a previous review.  I like the finish it produces.

You can follow this link on Reconditioning & Re-seasoning cast iron if you are looking for tips or methods.

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Chuckwagon Supply Cook Table

Gear Review:  Dutch Oven Cooking table from Chuckwagon Supply

We love gear reviews that our readers submit or allow us to share with you.  Tom from 1960HikerDude graciously allowed me to re-post his video. If you are in the market for a Dutch Oven Cooking table this certainly needs your review.  This table has options you won’t find on others.  I particularly like the high wind screen and the collapsible side tables.

Please check out other video’s from Tom from 1960HikerDude 

You can click here to follow to the Chuckwagon Supply Website.

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Bread Rolls & Artichoke Spinach Dip Bake


Recipe & photos by:  Rick Beach

By combining two of our favorite recipes you can bake this fabulous Dutch Oven treat.  This creation is great as an appetizer.

Old Fashioned White Bread Recipe
Artichoke Spinach Dip

Use a 14 inch Dutch Oven that has been well greased.  Grease up a relatively straight sided bowl to be placed right side up in the center of the Dutch Oven.  Size it properly to get 2 rows of finished rolls.  The dip will fill this space created by the bowl once removed.

Preheat oven to 375°F  if using the kitchen oven.

The rolls are from our OldFashioned White Bread recipe.  Use 1 Tbsp Agave or 1 ½ Tbsp white sugar in the recipe where it calls for Agave.  Follow the recipe through the first rise of the dough.  Turn out on a floured board and divide into 24 – 28 equal chunks of dough.  Tuck each piece of dough into itself to form a roll.   Arrange two rows of buns between the bowl and the side of the Dutch Oven.  Spray the tops with cooking spray such as Pam, or brush with melted butter.

Cover the Dutch Oven with Plastic wrap and set in a warm draft free area (top of the pre-warming stove) to allow the dough (now rolls) raise the second time.  This can take anywhere from a 1/2hr to 1hr.  Allow the dough to double in size.

In the meantime prepare the ArtichokeSpinach Dip up to the point of baking.  But do not bake it.  Refrigerate the dip while waiting for the buns to rise.

If baking with charcoal start your coals 15 minutes prior to the following steps.

Once the buns have risen, heat the dip until warm using a sauce pan or microwave.  Just to the warm point.  Do not cook it.

Once the dip is just warm, gently slide the bowl out of the center of the rolls.  Spoon the dip into the center hole the bowl created.  Pack the dip up against the raised rolls circling the interior of the Dutch Oven.  The center hole should now be filled with dip about 1 ½ to 2 inches deep.  Do this gently so you don’t make the raised rolls deflate and go flat.

In a standard kitchen Oven bake uncovered at 375°F for about 40 minutes or until the rolls become golden brown.

Baking with charcoal, bake covered; applying more heat to the 14 inch Dutch Oven lid, and less underneath to get 375°F (Generally 19 coals on the top lid.  11 coals underneath the Dutch Oven.  Arranged coals just inside the outer perimeter –  If using a different sized Dutch Oven adjust accordingly)  Bake around 40 minutes or until the rolls are golden brown.

Per the Artichoke Spinach Dip recipe remove from the heat and garnish with Mozzarella Cheese and Fresh Ground Pepper.

Serve hot.

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