Dutch Oven Apple Dump Cake 

Recipe and photo submitted by Rick Beach

From our “First Annual Vintage Trailer Rally” @Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona. We managed to fire up the Dutch Ovens for the Potluck meal. Here is the Dutch Oven Apple Dump Cake Recipe:

1 Can Apple Pie Filling (Somewhat chopped)

1 Stick of Butter 

1 Box Cake Mix (White or Yellow) 

1 Tbsp. Cinnamon 

3 Tbsps. Brown Sugar 

1 Sprinkle Salt 

8 oz Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider (Or Clear soda such as 7Up, Sprite, etc)

Start your charcoal 15 minutes ahead. 12 inch Dutch Oven – Apply a good coating of Crisco or Spray oil 

Melt 2 Tbsps. of the stick of butter in the bottom of the Dutch Oven. Pour in the chopped apple pie filling and add half the Cinnamon, Half the Brown sugar and shake of salt.

Dump the dry cake mix on top of the apple mixture and spread evenly.

Chop the remaining butter in chunks and distribute over the dry cake mix.

Pour the Cider over the entire top of the cake mix best you can.

Sprinkle the remaining Cinnamon and brown sugar over the top. 

Cover the Dutch Oven with its lid.  Coals for 350 degrees heat.

With a 12 inch Dutch Oven, place 9 coals on the bottom at the outer perimeter. Add a full ring of coals to the top at the very perimeter of the lid (about 15 -18 coals.

Bake about 45 -60 minutes. 

The cake should be somewhat firm on the top, but gooey when served. Best served hot with some vanilla ice cream and a little whipped cream. 

If you like a sweet sour combination, serve with creamed cheese. Once it is cold I love it with a sharp cheddar cheese.


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