We have a major project ahead of us.

In the coming months [2018-2019] our goal is to duplicate all of our information and webpages we created under www.toponautic.blogspot.com.

We have had a good ride using Google’s Blogger platform.  We accumulated well over a “quarter of a million” site visits just to our HOME page.   We are/were well on our way to half a million.

Our information’s new home will be on our own server space and with our own Domain/Site name.  We are moving off the Blogger platform and going out on our own using WordPress.  This will allow us more flexibility to do custom modification, format things differently, and accumulate SEO rankings that belong to our own Domain.

Once turned up, our new home will be on www.toponautic.com

We are kind of disappointed we will drop in SEO rankings as soon as we move.  In hindsight we should have made this decision the day we started TOPONAUTIC.  But a few years of living and learning was the teacher on this subject.  Wish us well!