Here is an easy DIY project. The Lantern hook shown requires no assembly work at all.  I always set up a folding table right next to my trailer for cooking and my hot water stations for dishwater.  After several trial and error arrangements this has become my “go to” lantern hanger.  I like simple, functional, and something that requires little storage space.  The angle of the hanger I used allows for height adjustment of the lantern.

In the first image a lantern is shown hanging from a hanger temporarily attached to the rain gutter of a trailer.  The lantern in this image is further suspended via a hook assembly.

The Hook assembly is called a “Painters Bucket Hook” and can be purchased for a couple dollars at a paint store, Home Depot, or Lowes.  This hook is so handy I have one attached to each of several lanterns I carry.  The hooks can be used on a tree branch or in many other situations.  You can simply buy them and snap them on.  No assembly is required.  They come as shown.  I also use them with battery powered LED hanging lights inside from a clothes rod or hook.

The other, long hanger looking device is made for a few common items:

(1)Grid Wall Display arm

(1)Rubber Equipment Foot (Appropriate thickness required)

(1)Bolt & Nut to attach the Rubber Foot (Appropriate length required)

Once the parts are gathered some minor fabrication is required.  The rubber feet I purchased have a recessed side that will hide the head of a standard bolt.  I carry a couple different thicknesses.  A hole of the appropriate diameter is drilled through the base of the Grid Wall Display arm.  The bolt is passed through the rubber foot, the display arm base, and the nut attached to complete the assembly.  A wing nut could be used to make assembly even easier.

This arm can hook over a rain gutter of a trailer, or a vehicle that still has gutters.  It also hooks over the top of a car door.  In other situations you could attach a piece of hardware to an outside surface that would allow you quickly attach or remove the hanger assembly.  Simple and highly functional.


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