Red Rock Cactus and Rain

The Desert Southwest offers some diverse scenery.  While most of the year that days are hot and sunny, there are cooler periods.  On occasion we are blessed with delightful rain.  While these rains can sometimes come down with such intensity they become deadly, they also transform the stark landscape into something of beauty.

I live on the western edge of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Further west of us is a rugged mountain range with peaks that exceed 10,000 feet.  At the foothills of this range is Red Rock Conservation Area.  The lower levels are desert.  From the desert floor there are giant clumps of sandstone jutting up hundreds of feet.  Sandstone walls of the Keystone Thrust, rise up from the valley floor up to  3000 feet.  Just behind them, the mountains.

I was watching the rain pouring on the mountains the other day and decided to drive up to Red Rock to enjoy a different kind of experience.  One of the rain and water flowing, rather than the normal dry, and unforgiving terrain.

Since this was the early part of May and we have had rain more than the past many years, the cactus, plants and bushes were in full bloom.

While not the optimum conditions for photography everywhere I turned I saw different colors.  The rain started again and I had to keep the gear dry.  So I popped back in the vehicle and enjoyed it and the drive out of the park.

For info on Red Rock Conservation Area click this link


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