MUFFINS Banana Oatmeal Blueberry

Banana Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins (Recipe and Image courtesy: Rick Beach)

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cook Time:  15 Minutes

Servings:  14


1/2 Cup Uncooked Oatmeal

1/2 Cup Milk

1/4 Cup Butter Melted

1 Egg Whisked

1 Cup Bananas Mashed (about 2 regular sized bananas)

1/2 Cup Blueberries

3/4 tsp Nutmeg

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 1/2 tsp Baking Powder

1/2 tsp Baking Soda

1 Cup Flour unsifted

1/2 tsp Salt

1 tsp cinnamon


1.  In medium bowl combine the oats and milk and set aside to allow liquid to absorb.

2.   In large bowl combine the remaining dry ingredients and whisk to combine. The Nutmeg, Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Flour, Salt, and Cinnamon.

3.   Stir the melted butter and whisked egg into the milk and oats. Stir in the Smashed Bananas, then the Blueberries.

4.   Stir the wet ingredients into the dry. Stir until well moistened.

5.   Line muffin pan with paper cupcake/muffin liners. Spray papers with spray oil such as Pam. Fill muffin cups 3/4 Full. Bake in preheated oven 425°F for 15 minutes and passes the toothpick test.