Suction Portable Paper Towel Holder

This puts your paper towels right where you need them.  This will suction attach to most smooth flat surfaces.  In my case, to the side of my trailer right near where I set up my cook table and stove.  It will attach to glass, underneath some tables, the windshield of your cook stove, garage work box, side of a vehicle that is being worked on, and endless other possibilities.

This is one of those DIY projects that can be completed in 15 minutes….once you have the materials gathered.  It will require a couple screwdrivers or wrench, plus a drill and the proper size drill bit for the bolts you intend to use.  The picture should provide any direction a handy person might need.

This is a simple suction type grab bar available from Loews or perhaps other hardware or bath retail stores.  I paid around $15 for mine.  Someone told me Harbor Freight has the suction grab bars for around $6.

I used a standard plastic paper towel holder that the ends would fold flat when in storage.  A metal towel might last longer, but may not fold flat.  I couldn’t readily find a metal one that hinged.

The towel holder is attached to the grab bar by two bolts.  In my case I used “Binding Posts”.  Some people call these “Barrel Bolts”.  These were used to prevent a bolt post and nut sticking out to catch your finger on.  It does make for a much cleaner installation.

Binding Posts aka Barrel Bolts

The chain was a modification later.  Originally a friend gave me a piece of Velcro to wrap around the towels to prevent the wind unraveling them.  That became a hassle constantly having to undo and redo the Velcro.  With about 18 inches of chain draped over the roll, the towels do not unroll in the wind.  Additionally the chain provides just enough weight to allow you to one handed pull some towels off and rip them away.  Not having to use two hands when cooking make this even better.


Suction Grab Bar

Paper Towel Rack

(2) Binding Posts/Barrel Bolts of the appropriate length

About 18 inches of light chain