Red Buses a.k.a Red Jammers

One of the few old White Company Red Buses (a.k.a Red Jammers) found in Glacier NP – Montana.

The “Jammer” name came from the sound the un-synchronized transmissions made when shifting gears.

The White Company at one time produced passenger cars that ran on steam. Around 1911 they converted to producing gasoline engine cars.

These old Red Buses were first introduced in Glacier NP back in the 1930’s.

Volvo ended up purchasing the assets of White, when White went out of business. Volvo is now part of the Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company a leader in alternative fuels took a special interest in renovating the vintage Glacier Park vehicles back in 2000.

The fleet of 33 Red Buses now run on clean burning LPG (Propane). The original carburetor gasoline engines were removed and replaced with fuel injected 5.4L bi-fuel engines capable of running on either gasoline or propane.

Transmissions changed out to modern automatics.

The chassis was removed and replaced with a modified E-450 chassis.

The original brake system was replaced with a production 4-wheel disc ABS system.

The windows were replaced with modern safety glass. The external lights were brought up to current standards.