Article & Photography by: Rick Beach

Today I stumbled into information related to Old Route 66.  Often referred to as the “Mother Road”

Have you ever gotten to a page on the internet you have no idea how it happened?  Suddenly into some obscure website that piques your interest?  Subject related to something you would have never thought to go searching for?  Ah, the pleasures of modern technology.  It allows you to travel the world in micro-seconds.

I have traveled sections of Route 66 over the years.  I know I have been on parts of it across the U.S.  Though at this stage most of my recollection is isolated to some Arizona sections.

On the the subject I really wish to share.  I stumbled into a blog an artist (Willem Bor) created to show his craft of model making.  Oddly he did not live in USA.  But fell in love with the buildings along Old Route 66 during a visit.  Then set off to recreate them in miniature form.

One building in particular is currently still standing and called “Hackberry’s General Store”.  I have actually been there on numerous occasions, and have done my own photography.

Check out his blog link below.  I will let you find this very building built in model size, and showing on his blog.  Then you judge how cool these model buildings are.  I also love the history that is provided with each piece.

Sadly, in researching and going to his Facebook page I believe he is no longer with us since January 2017?  His work and website lives on, at least for now.  We can only hope he is traveling along Route 66 and comparing his work.

See some of his work at the below link:



Hackberry’s General Store is a trip destination in itself.  If you have the time, travel an old section of Route 66 heading northeast out of Kingman, Arizona.  This old Route 66 service station has featured photos appearing in numerous advertisements.  It is known worldwide and is a favorite stop for many enjoying a trip on old Route 66.

This is a popular stop on any trip people are making to Havasu Falls for backpacking trips.  Just allow yourself some extra time for this stop.

Stop in and browse the inside.  The place has an old time staged soda fountain.  The bathrooms are hilarious.  There are dollar bills plastered on the ceiling and walls by travelers from all over the world.

Bring your camera because the building and all of the “old iron” scattered around, is a photographers dream.


11255 E Hwy 66

Hackberry, AZ  86401

Visit their official website for more info http://hackberrygeneralstore.com/