Artisan Green Chili Beer Bread  (Yeast style)
Mix the day before baking

3 1/2 Cups    Flour

1 ½ tsp          Salt

½  tsp            Instant Yeast (bread machine yeast)

7 oz Can        Diced Green Chiles – Drained (Macayo’s Diced Green Chiles Roasted & Peeled)

12 oz             Beer (Beer varieties change the flavor – Experiment)

*Whisk salt, yeast, into the Flour.
*Dump the drained green chili’s on top.

*Pour in the beer.

*Stir together and completely mixed into a rough ball.

*Cover with plastic wrap 8-18 hours and leave on the counter

*Sometime after 8 hrs (up to 18 hours), turn proofed dough out on floured board

*Pat dough flat.  Fold over on itself 4 or 5 times (no kneading required)
*In a well greased baking vessel (Dutch Oven) place the oiled dough inside.
*Cover with plastic wrap and reproof about 2 hours at room temperature.

*Preheat oven to 375°F

*Bake in covered Dutch Oven 30 minutes with the lid off. Or until golden brown.

* Shake it out and cool on rack.
*For soft crust rub all surfaces with butter.

Note: I use 3 1/2 Cups of flour in this recipe.  That is 1/2 Cup more than with other recipes I have posted.  That is to compensate for the added liquid that comes from the Green Chile’s even though they are drained.

For photo’s I used a 10 inch Cast Iron Chicken Fryer skillet with the lid off the entire time.   I think I would prefer a 8 inch Dutch Oven to get a higher loaf.