The below piece of Cast Iron has not been positively identified by anyone.  If you have knowledge of what is shown here, please email us with any info.  We are looking for things like the foundry or manufacturer, Year or Circa manufactured, current value, etc.

We will in turn contact the person that submitted the photo(s).  Thank You so much!  Email to:


Posted 12/27/2017 to be identified – Don Hopkins

Gate Marked, Continuous Heat Ring, #9, Distinct Handle, U4 stamp or mark



I find leftover pizza is sometimes better than fresh baked.  As with many tomato and herb based foods.  Aging seems to increase the flavor.  Especially if it is homemade.

How many of you enjoy cold left over pizza for breakfast?  I certainly do.  How about the re-heated version?

My favorite technique for re-heating leftovers is to use a cast iron skillet.  You can’t be in a hurry.  If you are in a big rush just throw it in the microwave.  If you really want something better than just baked, try using cast iron.

I put my cast iron on a burner set at its lowest setting.  I always use gas stoves.  If you cook with electric you may have to experiment.  As soon as the Cast Iron is warm to the touch (a minute or two) I wipe it with a very thin layer of Crisco vegetable shortening.  I place the pizza on the Cast Iron and cover it with a lid or tent of aluminum foil.

I kept the heat as low as possible and allow the pizza to warm slowly until the top cheese is warm and melted.  Serve at this point.  You will be rewarded with a delightfully crispy bottom crust, and aged sauce that has brought out even more flavor.

My favorite for pizza re-heating is my square vintage BSR (Birmingham Stove & Range) Breakfast Griddle.