TRAILER CONVERSION Stages of the build – Index

THE PLAN – I bought the trailer now what do I do?
WINDOW INSTALLATION How to – Problems and Solutions
BATHROOM 48 x 34 Shower – Flush Toilet – Fantastic Ceiling Fan
PLUMBING Layout of Water Lines, Drains, and Vents
ELECTRICAL You need a plan first for sure!
FRAMING AND WALLS Keep it lightweight – Build a giant square. Nothing is level or plumb (Page is work in progress)
LED INDICATOR LIGHT Warning or Reminder lights for wall switch
CABINETS AND STORAGE (Page is work in progress)
ROOF VENTS I swapped mine out. Go with the 12VDC powered type for sure
AIR CONDITIONING Must have for many – many options too (Page is work in progress)
GENERATORS (Page is work in progress)
WATER HEATERS (Page is work in progress)
FURNACE-HEATERS (Page is work in progress)
SOLAR Why should I? How big of a system do I need? Batteries? Technical info and drawings
WiFi NETWORKING YOUR TRAILER One of many solutions to make it better