THANKSGIVING TRASH CAN TURKEY (True Trash Can Style) Lesley Tennessen

Here is yet another example of cooking a Turkey, “Trash Can”style.  We have another example in a previous article Titled Trash Can Turkey (Aluminum Stock Pot Method.

We also have a link to another Blog doing Trash Can style Turkey (Galvanized can method). John Schroeder is the person who taught the person, that taught me, this cooking technique.  He also added some interesting information on the issues of cooking with a galvanized can.  Check his method out too at

Please note that TOPONAUTIC does on promote using galvanized metal of any sort when cooking.  We have our own concerns roasting a Turkey this way.   But many people use this method.  This article was sent in by one of the many people that do cook trash can turkey using galvanized metal.  Please read our concerns in Trash Can Turkey (Aluminum Stock Pot Method.    After doing your own research make your own decision.


Lesley Tennessen was kind enough to share her method and some of her photos. Also be sure to visit her website for more great info from her at

This turkey was coated with a dry rub mix of Texas BBQ *(Dan Pastorini spices) and Northwoods (Penzey’s spices).

As with most trash can cooking methods a blanket of aluminum foil is arranged on the ground where you will be cooking.  The turkey was pushed down on to the rack.  This rack was made by Gordon Skinner (Facebook friend).  A dripping pan was used to keep the juices from just running away under the can.  Catching the drippings helps recirculate the moisture, and helps prevent drying out your bird.

This technique used a 30 gallon metal trash can inverted to act as a giant Dutch Oven.

Cooked with almost a whole 20lb bad of Kingsford blue and white bag charcoal for just about 2 hrs. Coals replaced at 45 minutes and then again at another 45 minutes.  TOPONAUTIC Editors note: We Prefer Kingsford Charcoal too!

The other dutch ovens held wild rice and broccoli dish.  Also sweet potatoes with Vindaloo seasoning (Penzey’s spices).

Of course no Turkey dinner is complete without homemade rolls!

The Turkey meat fell off the bone and was very moist, even though it looks like the skin was burnt.