LG DISHWASHER Soap Dispenser will not latch closed

Not outdoor related, but sometimes we are at home.

I recently had an issue with my LG Dishwasher. The soap dispenser module little door would not latch closed.

Reference LG Model # LDS5540ST

Trying to save a service call, and being half handy, I went on-line to see if anyone has had this similar issue.

I looked at numerous how to video’s and troubleshooting posts for this symptom. Some showing how to remove the whole inner panel and tear into things. All procedures I find you can break more things than you can fix.

My recommendation to try first (I found this no where) if you have this same issue. Is to close the door of the dishwasher, then turn it on like you normally do. Leave the dirty dishes in it, but don’t plan on them being washed. Run it through a whole cycle if need be without opening the door and interrupting it.

My belief is mine didn’t cycle completely for whatever reason. That resulted in the mechanical latching mechanism never getting reset as it should. In my case it fixed the issue.

So before you start sticking a knife or screwdriver in a hole, are tearing parts off, give it a try!