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Calculator for finding your battery draw
when running an AC Device off an Inverter 

This calculator factors in inherit loss from inverter fans, heat, and circuitry

Enter AC Device VAC (AC Voltage Output of Inverter – Normally 110VAC)
Enter AC Device AMP Draw (Most electronic devices have an amp rating)
Wattage Will Calculate  (If given Watts and not Amps play with the amp figure to make your Watts change to match the Watt Rating of your device.
Click your Battery or Battery bank output DC Voltage (The DC source that your Inverter DC leads are connected to)  Most simple vehicles and RV DC systems will be 12VDC.  But the addition of solar and other systems very well may have any of the 12VDC, 24VDC, 36VDC, or 48VDC type systems.
Battery ah Draw (amp hours) will calculate and display in red box

AC Voltage VAC
AC Amperage Amps AC (enter mAh as .xyz)
Wattage 0 Watts
DC Voltage 12 V     24 V     36 V     48 V
DC Amperage 0 Amps DC