I met a new camping acquaintance few months  ago (2013, while camping at Lake Mead (Las Vegas, Nevada area). A very good “Joe”.

For the sake of this article, he will be known as Joe.  A retired, full time RV’r.  He migrates with the seasons much like many species of wildlife do. 

During the cool winter months he can be found in the warmth of the desert.  As the spring and summer months progress he moves to higher elevations to seek out cooler temperatures. 

His goal is to always find lower priced and affordable campgrounds.  Which in most cases means he has no power hook-up.  So comfortable temperatures must be found since running an air conditioner is out of the question.

We loosely keep in touch through Facebook.  He enjoys the coffee subject.  So much so, he spends part of his time traveling, seeking out local mom and pop coffee roasters.  For both beans and information.  He likes to talk about his own methods.  Of roasting, grinding, and preparing his favorite brew. 

On my recent return trip from Yellowstone NP, I. made a point of finding out where Gary had set up for the summer months.  I found him at Red Canyon Campground, near Bryce Canyon, Utah.  It seemed like a necessary detour on my way home.   Only a couple hundred miles out of my way.  🙂   In the scheme of things on this trip, that was rather insignificant.

Plus coffee was involved. I an a sucker for a good brew!

I decided to stay a couple of days and visit with “coffee Joe”, and also check out one of my favorite areas.  Bryce Canyon.  Daytime and nighttime temperatures couldn’t be better for dry camping.  No power needed to run air conditioners.

In the morning I knocked on “Joe’s” door and asked if the Bistro was on duty.  He made me a Latte.  It  surely wasn’t your average “camp” coffee.  He was more than happy to again share his methods.  He has even gotten to the point of buying green beans.  Roasting them himself, in a hot air popcorn popper.  Freshly ground.  Hot pressed coffee, complete with foam created with a battery operated frothier…..all while camping with no power hook-ups.  (he does have to fire up a generator, or have a hook up, when roasting)

I can attest to the fact he makes a cup of ”Joe” that is hard to beat at any expensive coffee shop.  Oh and the view from his bistro…well….that can’t be beat either.