ELECTRICAL SOURCES WHEN CAMPING Batteries, Converter/Chargers, Generators, Solar (This diagram shows the basics of how they all tie in)

BASIC 110VAC terminal connections (Page under construction)

BATTERIES (Coming Soon)

CONVERTER-CHARGER 110VAC to 12VDC Convert Shore/Park 110VAC to 12VDC power & charge batteries (Page under construction)

CONVERTER-CHARGER Solar Panels to 12VDC Convert Sunlight to 12VDC power & charge batteries (Page under construction)

DETECTORS Wiring for Carbon Monoxide, Propane, Low

FURNACE LP TYPE These have a 12VDC fan and thermostat wire that must be run (Page under construction)Oxygen, Smoke (Page under construction)

GENERATORS Do I need one? How big? (Coming Soon)

GROUNDING National electrical code requires #8 Copper grounding and Bonding when you bring 110VAC power on board (Page under construction)

INVERTERS Changing battery 12VDC to house type voltage 110VAC (Page under construction)

REMOTES Wiring for Remote Switches and Meters for Generators, Inverters, Battery & Solar Monitoring, Tanks (Page under construction)

SOLAR (Page under construction)

WATER HEATERS Wiring for 12VDC ignitor circuit, “ON” Indicator light, 110VAC Element (Page under construction)

WATER PUMP The RV type 12VDC demand pressure activated. (Page under construction)