This is a wonderful way to use homemade chicken broth. We happen to make our own broth, generally on a weekly basis. It is a long story having to do with our dogs needing a diet of homemade dog food.

We normally purchase 4 Whole Rotisserie Chickens from Costco for just under $5 each. We strip the meat off them not only for easy meals for ourselves, but to make wholesome and safe dog food for our 2 pets.

Rather than pitch the bones and scraps into the garbage we simmer the bones/parts, minus the skin. They are covered with water, and simmered all day. As the broth simmers continue to add water to maintain 16 cups.

The broth is strained out once finished simmering. The bones are next picked of the scraps of edible meat, and the meat scraps thrown back into the broth. The 4 chickens carcasses easily yields 16 cups of very tasty and hearty broth. Better than anything you can buy in a can.

This basic broth can then be expanded upon adding things like celery, carrots, etc., and used in a variety of recipes. I like to make my broth and let it cool covered in the fridge all night. The fat will rise to the top and solidify. The broth will congeal. It is then easy to scrape off the fat and discard it. This will not be some watery version of chicken broth. This is very tasty.

With this basic broth we made a batch of Egg Drop Soup. You can of course substitute canned or boxed chicken broth right off the store shelf. But I bet it won’t taste as good.

The veggies below can be substituted with what you have on hand. Anything to add color and nutrition. But you do want the basic Onions, Celery, and Carrots.


14-16 Cups Chicken Broth with chicken scraps (If using canned broth add some chicken pieces)

Salt & Pepper to taste. If using homemade broth as described above no additional salt is required.

1 1/2 Cups Sliced or diced Carrots

1 Cup Sliced or diced celery

1/2 Sweet Onion Diced

3 Green Onion tops chopped

1 Cup sliced/diced fresh Zucchini

2 Cups Fresh Coarsely Chopped and Packed Spinach Leaves

8 Fresh Basil Leaves coarsely Chopped

4 Egg Whites

1 Egg Yolk

Hot prepared cooked White Rice for serving time.

Extra Basil Leaves for garnish


Prepare your broth.

Add all ingredients except the eggs, rice, and garnish. The eggs, rice, and garnish are the final stage.

Simmer your Broth and Veggies for about an hour. Test to make sure the carrots are fully cooked to your liking.

Scramble with a fork the 4 raw egg whites and 1 egg yoke in a glass measuring cup. While the soup is still simmering start whisking the broth. While continuing to whisk the broth slowly /pour drizzle the raw scrambled eggs into the both. The eggs will immediately cook and make small ribbons or streamers.

To Serve

In a low serving bowl add a 1/2 cup scoop of cooked white rice in a mound. Pour 1 cup or so of the soup around the rice mound. Garnish with a leaf or two of fresh Basil.