The Following info and images were submitted by Jason Rhorer – Lake Charles, Louisiana

I just finished refinishing this fireplace and will be installing in my outdoor kitchen. This fireplace was used in my great grandmother’s bedroom.

There is a No. 2 cast on the front just above the Bridge and Beach words. Not sure if it means that it was the second one cast, or if it is some type of the second model? From the info on the back it is a Improved Franklin No2. Pat’d 1859. I assume this is the second model?

As you can see there are corn stalks. Also there is what appears to be a dog (possible boxer) on each leg and on the center of the top part on the front.

From what I understand there is damage to the back. Caused when my great grandfather replaced the heat shield in the back of the fire box. The piece cracked as he was tightening down a bold that held the shield in place.

That is all the info I have on it. I would appreciate any additional information any of your readers might be able to supply. Things like the year this may have been manufactured, etc.

I hope you enjoy the pics.