Some claim this brand is a Chinese Import produced Cast Iron. Some say produced for Montgomery Wards and termed them vintage. Others indicate they were produced for promotional purposes.

We have found these listed on ebay for $9.99 and not selling. Therefore we rate these as Non-Collectable. Though these are quite functional and usable for cooking.

Heavy and rough surfaces similar to newer modern day Lodge. Not lighter and smooth as found with vintage Griswold/Wagners.

circa: After 1960 or perhaps 2002-2010

Interestingly enough we did find info that Benjamin & Medwin, Inc filed for a US Trademark in 2002, listed as in New York 10001. This Trademark shows CANCELLED-Section 8 in 2010. They were listed as Goods and Services: Cookware, namely non-electric pots, frying pans, griddles and skillets. We could not find a symbol for this trademark to confirm any of this info.

We further found warnings that some Benjamin & Medwin cast iron was Pre-seasoned with peanut oil during the manufacture process. Further stating this cookware should not be used to prepare foods for those who may be adversely affected by peanuts or peanut oil.

We would appreciate more info, photos, or history on this manufacturer. Readers please email us your info. Thanks!