Artist: Rick Beach

Born in the early 1950″s.  Over a lifetime Rick has worked on creative projects from large to small.  Designing and self building his own house back in the late 70’s.  That project was truly a labor of love.  At another property, building functional and natural looking waterfalls and Koi Ponds.  Large projects with large materials.

When not working on a large project, finding pleasure and relaxation in small art related media.

Dabbling in sculptures, painting, drawing, colored pencil, stained glass, tile, mosaics, plaster, natural stone, composites, woodworking, metalworking, and re-purposing.  Not only creating but repairing damaged pieces of various media.  Pieces have been created, repaired, and re-purposed.  They have come and gone without record.  Some for the fun of it. Some for profit.  Always with the purpose of obtaining more knowledge and skill, since all is self taught.

With a huge love of the outdoors many pieces reflect nature to some degree.  As pieces are created, sold, or given to friends or clients, the hope is to keep records going forward.  To eventually reside at an on-line studio at   Each piece is uniquely unusual and all one of a kind.  Whether that be a unique creation or re-purposed or repaired items.

Pieces are often artist signed as R BEACH and the year.

Glass on Glass Mosaic Set in a Vintage wash stand mirror back (re-purposing project)